It’s Still Crunch Time: embedding innovation while maintaining resilience

It's Still Crunch Time: embedding innovation while maintaining resilience

Thursday, 15 September 2022

09:00  to  10:15


United Kingdom

INDUSTRIES: Cross Industry

EVENT TYPE: Forum Digital


If you’re having to deal with operational demands, legacy systems, supply disruptions, skyrocketing inflation and instability, finding the space for innovation, agility and transformation can be tough. How do you strike the right balance between transforming business agility and maintaining day-to-day operations to keep the lights on?

Strategy and culture

You need a culture that facilitates innovation. A clear strategy allows you to test and learn and energy to be put where it is most needed. What do you need to do to set yourself up for tomorrow while ensuring there is capacity remaining for day-to-day operations?

Data and what to do with it

It’s not easy to transform if you have disconnected data and legacy systems. What’s required is an iterative approach that gets you what you need when you need it. How do you optimise agile working to minimise disruption and get you where you need to be at the right speed?

Ensuring supply

You have to spin an increasing number of plates. You need to make sure your customers can engage secure in the knowledge that your operations are resilient, transparent and connected. How do you create a sustainable end-to-end journey and ensure that every link in the chain is as strong as the next?


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