Digital-First: Building Frictionless Customer Engagement for Manufacturing

Digital-First: Building Frictionless Customer Engagement for Manufacturing

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

11:00  to  12:15


United Kingdom



Digital-First: Building Frictionless Customer Engagement for Manufacturing
Customer expectations regarding response time, personalisation, sustainability and purchasing options are rising. Providing a frictionless journey through every touchpoint and rapid, first-time resolutions can be the unlock that puts the customer at the heart of every interaction. Given that bespoke engagement nurtures relationships, boosts loyalty and grows your brand, how do you deliver the intelligent service that your customers really want?

Embrace the new

New ways of selling and producing, from customer-driven manufacturing and servitization through to service transformation & Xaas, are the wave of the future. But disconnected data means you can’t deliver the experiences you and your customers want. How can new tech get your sales, service and marketing teams progressing leads, expanding accounts and unlocking agility?

Embed sustainability

Be it a decarbonised supply chain, sustainability metrics embedded in product design, the effect of ESG on the cost of capital, or your engagement strategy, everyone needs to be facing in the same direction. How can you keep your view constant and ensure all your people are focused on delivering a secure and sustainable supply chain culture?

Intelligent service

Intelligent service via analytics is the goal. How do you get real-time data, oversee complex systems and manage all your processes in order to see every stage of the journey and give your customers what they want when they want it?


Join us to exchange opinions and ideas with manufacturing leaders with challenges in common.

Featuring live polling, interactive digital breakout rooms and panel session with Q&A, the event will be independently facilitated and will send you away with fresh insights, robust practical examples and powerful new connections.

With a perspective from SAP and Birlasoft




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Facilitator Welcome - Opening Remarks

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Live polling - Live poll and commentary.

We kick off the session with a poll question for you to consider and respond. Our co-host responds to the poll results.

Breakout Groups - Knowledge Exchange.

Within your breakout group you will prepare a question for the panel.

Panel + Q&A - A subject expert and several brands answer your questions.

Hosted by our facilitator the panel share insights and answer the questions posed by the breakout groups. 

Wrap-up - Closing remarks.

Our facilitator and co-host offer a few comments to end the session. Hopefully you leave us with a few discoveries under your belt!


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