Digital Remedies for the NHS Workforce of the Future

Digital Remedies for the NHS Workforce of the Future

Thursday, 29 September 2022

09:00  to  10:15


United Kingdom




There is a people crisis in the NHS. To respond, you need to centre the employee experience and be set up to attract and retain the best people. Transforming operations by automating routine functions will make you more efficient – and keep your people happy. You need agility, flexibility, responsivity, and the right culture. In a world transformed, how do you source, engage, empower and retain the best people to deliver a future-ready NHS?

Acquire, retain, upgrade

You need to focus on a dynamic approach to acquisition and retention that supports monitoring, analysis and evaluation in order to make timely adjustments at a moment’s notice. But it’s not easy if you have disconnected data and legacy systems. How do you see what’s been working, lock-in innovation, develop your processes and upgrade your workforce for the new world?

Reconnect with your people

Employee experience management requires a focus on key tasks and business processes. You need to generate insights that drive change at scale and speed and help your people progress. How do you build the right culture and embrace people-tech to improve the employee experience?

Technology drives the change

Analytics, automation and AI are the building blocks of an optimised workforce, but they must be used with the employee in mind. It’s about engagement that enables flexible working, centres wellbeing, pushes upskilling and builds a sustainable infrastructure. How can technology be the driver of the change?


Join us to exchange opinions and ideas with leaders from across the NHS with challenges in common.

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Facilitator Welcome - Opening Remarks

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Live polling - Live poll and commentary.

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Breakout Groups - Knowledge Exchange.

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Panel + Q&A - A subject expert and several brands answer your questions.

Hosted by our facilitator the panel share insights and answer the questions posed by the breakout groups. 

Wrap-up - Closing remarks.

Our facilitator and co-host offer a few comments to end the session. Hopefully you leave us with a few discoveries under your belt!


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