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Privacy and Data Protection

Digital10 enables the visitors of its sites,, to be in control of their personal data. We also provide controls that allow digital10 users to have control over the privacy of personal data that is captured by our service. This Privacy Policy provides information about how digital10 collects and protects this information.

Digital10 considers data protection and privacy to be of paramount importance. We never sell personal data and we carry out all processing operations in strict compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (specifically but not limited to Article 6(1)(b) to (f) and Article 28) as well as the Laws of the United Kingdom (together the “Applicable Law”), where Digital10 Ltd is incorporated.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person (the “Personal Data”).


1.0 Responsibility for Processing Personal Data

Digital10 bears responsibility for lawfully processing your data as carried out on our site.

1.1 — Types of information we may hold about you and where it comes from

  • Information you’ve provided to us, including on our website or if you attend an event.
  • Information about our content, products and services you’ve enquired about.
  • Information provided by partner companies who’ve obtained your permission to share information about you.
  • Information, uploads, user generated content and comments you make about the products and services you use, for example, what content you view, share, contribute to.
  • Information we collect, via cookies. For more information on cookies and how to manage them, please see the section (below) on cookies.
  • IP address, identification number, online identifier, browser information, location data and other similar identifying information required for your devices to communicate with websites and applications on the internet.
  • Technical information from the devices you use to access content, products and services, for example, the collection of diagnostic and traffic information, key presses and pages visited. Note that many devices will have their own privacy settings and notices under which they may collect your information, so you may wish to check your device settings to get details of such processing.

1.2 — How we may use your information

We need your information so that we can, in accordance with the relationship you have with us, provide you with content, products, services, personalised recommendations. In addition to using your information for such purposes, we may also use your information in the following ways:

  • To monitor, improve and protect our content, products and services, work with our team members and business partners to improve the products and services we offer, and develop new content, products and services.
  • To help us define special interest groups based on topical issues and more, so we can identify members most likely to be interested in specific products and services.
  • We may share information with credit reference, fraud prevention agencies and other companies for use in credit decisions, for fraud detection and debt recovery purposes.
  • If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, the details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies.
  • For market research
  • To enable us to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements; to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of any third party such as analyzing activity on our network to help block unauthorised or illegitimate content, publication of, or access to it; in the detection and prevention of fraud and other crimes; managing use of our products and services in accordance with our data retention deletion and acceptable use policies and for the purpose of safeguarding someone’s vital interests, national security, responding to statutory obligations or requests from the courts and enforcement authorities.


Unless you’ve asked us not to:

  • To provide you with more relevant products and services. Digital10 can serve different content to groups of members. We use the information we hold about you to make some of the invitations you receive more relevant. We retain your information in accordance with our community data retention and deletion policies. These set out the criteria we use to determine how long we keep information, what measures we put in place to keep your information safe and secure, and with whom we may share your information. When deciding what to retain, we consider what information we need to best provide you with products, goods and services, manage your relationship with us and meet our statutory obligations.
  • To send you periodic newsletters and other information about content, products and services you have chosen or are entitled to receive.
  • To send you direct marketing. This may include communications by telephone, SMS or email using the contact details you have provided us, about us and our content, products and services, events and special offers.

Data Subject Rights

1.3 — Your rights

You have the right to access and/or correct your personal information

You have the right to restrict use of your personal information

You have the right to request deletion of your personal information

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information

You have the right to data portability

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

If you wish to access, adjust or remove any or all of the information we hold about you can do so by contacting us by email to

Please note that we may need certain information to enable us to provide you with the products and services you wanted so changes you make to your preferences or restrictions you ask us to make on how we use your data may affect what services we can provide.

1.4 — Marketing

You can choose not to receive direct marketing by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email, or responding with “remove” in the subject line of the email response.

If you don’t want any information processed through the use of cookies, please see the section on “Controlling my Cookies”.


2.0 Cookies Notice

When you create or log in to an online account you agree to our privacy and cookies notice. Otherwise, by continuing to use our websites, content, products or services, you agree to the use of cookies as described in this notice.

You should be aware that when you access or use our content, products and services, we may collect information from the devices you use to receive digital10 content, products and services by using ‘cookies’. We also collect such information from third party websites, mobile sites and from apps where we show our own adverts, using cookies and related ad technology.

If you’d like to learn how to manage these cookies and choose whether to receive information of different types, please see the section “Controlling My Cookies” below.

2.1 — What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to the devices you use to receive digital10 content, products and services and access online information. Your browser makes these cookies available every time you visit the website again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on your device.

2.2 — What do you use cookies for?

Cookies are an important part of the internet. They make using devices and accessing online information much smoother and affect lots of the useful features of websites. There are many different uses for cookies, but they fall into different categories:

2.3 — Cookies that are needed to provide the content, product or service you have asked for, essential

Some cookies are essential to help your devices download or stream the information, or so you can move around websites and use their features. Without these cookies, content, products or services you’ve asked for can’t be provided.

2.4 — Here are some examples of essential cookies for parts of our website to operate:

  • Positioning information on a smartphone screen, tablet device or other screen so that you can see the website and use its functionality.
  • Keeping you logged in during your visit or enabling you to stream content; without cookies you might have to log in on every website you visit or repeatedly adjust your volume and viewing settings.
  • When you register, cookies make sure the details are still there when you complete the transaction.
  • Some are session cookies which make it possible to navigate through the website smoothly.
  • They enable users to move around our website and allow us to recognise a user within our website so that we can provide them with service they asked for such as remembering the user’s sign-in details.

2.5 — Improving your browsing experience, functionality

Cookies allow the application or website to remember choices you make, such as your language or region and they provide improved features.

Here are a few examples of just some of the ways that cookies maybe used to improve your experience on our website:

  • Remembering your preferences and settings, including marketing preferences, such as choosing whether you wish to receive marketing information.
  • Remembering if you’ve filled in a survey, so you’re not asked to do it again.
  • Remembering if you’ve been to the application or website before.
  • Restricting the number of times, you’re shown a particular advertisement. This is sometimes called ‘frequency capping’.
  • Showing you information that’s relevant to content, products or services that you receive.
  • Giving you access to content provided by social-media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Showing ‘related article’ links that are relevant to the information you’re looking at.
  • Remembering an application or website you’ve entered, such as weather forecasts.

2.6 – Analytics, tracking

We like to keep track of what information and links are popular and which ones don’t get used so much, to help us keep our information relevant and up to date. It’s also very useful to be able to identify trends of how people navigate (find their way through) our information and when and where ‘error messages’ may originate.

This community of cookies, often called ‘analytics cookies’ are used to gather this information. The information collected is aggregated with the information from everyone else’s cookies. We can then see the overall patterns of usage rather than any one person’s activity. Analytics cookies are used to improve how an application, a website and its pages work.

Communications you get from us contain small invisible images known as ‘web beacons’ or ‘ pixels’. These are used to manage the interaction between you and the online information or email and allows us to assess the effectiveness of the communication.

Some of our website pages may contain electronic images known as web beacons (also known as clear gifs, tags or pixels) that allow us to count users who have visited our pages. Web beacons collect only limited information, e.g. a cookie number, time and date of a page view, and a description of the page on which the web beacon resides. We may also carry web beacons placed by third party advertisers. These beacons do not carry any information that could directly identify you.

2.7 – Affiliate cookies

We may use ‘affiliate’ cookies. Some of our web-based information may contain promotional links to partner companies’ sites. If you follow one of these links and then register with or buy something from that other site, a cookie is used to tell the other site that you came from one of our sites. That other site may then pay us a small amount for the successful referral. For more information, see the Internet Advertising Bureau’s guide about how affiliate marketing works.

How we show marketing that is relevant to your interests

We may position content on our website from third parties, we will not allow cookies and related ad technology to be embedded in this content.

Sometimes our website contains promotional information for our own digital10 products. These promotions may use cookies in the same way as described above.

2.8 – Social Media cookies

These cookies allow users to share our websites on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. These cookies are not within our control. Please refer to the respective privacy policies of the social media provider for how their cookies work.

Cookies explained

We do not sell personal data collected from cookies to any other organisations. If you want to know about data collected by third parties when you click on their adverts, you should check their privacy notice to find out what they collect, how they process it and what they use it for.

It’s easy to choose not to receive behavioural advertising and manage your cookies if you want to.

Controlling my cookies

How can I see and manage my cookies in my browser?

Virtually all modern browsers allow you to see what cookies you’ve got, and to clear them individually or clear all of them. To find out how to do this, go to, which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of desktop browsers.

How can I choose not to receive Online Behavioural Advertising and other tracking cookies?

In addition to the controls available on your computer, there are other ways of choosing not to receive Online Behavioural Advertising and other tracking cookies.

Please note that most of these choices work by setting a cookie that overrides the behavioural advertising cookie. If you clear all your cookies, you will also clear these opt-out cookies, therefore changing your preferences. In this instance you would need to choose again.

Organisations’ which provide more information on Online Behavioural Advertising

Contacting us

If you wish to make a complaint about how we use your information, please contact the Membership team in the first instance here and we will do our best to help. If you are still unhappy, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website.

Any queries or comments about this privacy notice, for requests of copies of the information we hold about you, or if you wish to have a copy of your information, amend or transfer your records, please email to

We will occasionally update this privacy notice. We will post a notice of any material changes on our website prior to implementing the changes, and, where appropriate, notify you using any of the contact details we hold for you for this purpose. We encourage you to periodically review this notice to be informed of how we use your information.

This Privacy and Cookies Notice was last updated in June 2022

Digital 10 Ltd. ICO. Data Protection Reference number: ZA753105.